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FoG visits many private or public properties during the year to assist in plant identification and management issues. These visits usually do not appear in the FoG program because we may not know what to expect at such sites and because they are usually arranged at short notice. If you are interested in participating in property visits, Contact Us.

Please advertise this information amongst your friends and networks and support our activities.

Non FoG members are welcome to participate in FoG events.

For any FoG activity you should register with the indicated contact, who can assist with directions and possibly car pooling. By registering you assist us to organise any catering and provide you with any other information that you may need, including late changes. For all FoG activities please supply your emergency contact person's details when registering.


Summary of upcoming FOG Events

Sat 27 Mar 8am-noon, FOG @ Lawson Markets. Inquiries:

Sun 11 Apr, from 9am, Lawson north guided walk. Register:

Sun 11 Apr, 2pm Flea Bog Flat. Register :

Thurs 15 Apr, 6.30-8pm, Online forum - Biodiversity Conservation Trust - Conserving our grassy ecosystems with Donna Hazell.  Register:

Sat 15 May 9.30-11.45am Visit to Yass Gorge. Register with Kath McGuirk

Summary of upcoming FOG Work parties

SAT 27 Mar, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park. Register:

Sun 28 Mar, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park - Blue Gum Point, Yarralumla - planting and woody weed control. Register:

Sat 3 Apr, 9-11am approx, Hall Cemetery. Register:

Wed 7 Apr, 9-11am, Franklin Grassland Reserve, Franklin ACT. Register:

Sat 10 Apr, 9:30am start, Top Hut, near Cooma, NSW. Register:

Sun 11 Apr, 9am-noon, Yarramundi Reach. Register

Wed 28 Apr, 9-11am, Franklin Grassland Reserve, Franklin ACT. Register:

Sun 16 May, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park – planting at NCA Blue Gum Point. Register:

Summary of Notices

Volunteers wanted for tree planting: 9-12:30, Sat 27th March, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

WANTED FOG 2021 Grassy Ecosystem Grants Applications

ACT Environment and Nature in the City Grants 12 March – 28 April

Weeding opportunity at Scottsdale 27-29 April

Sign petition to save Lawson North grassland

Julia Rayment, A survey for managers of grassy remnantsDELETEDGONE

Details of FOG Events

Sat 27 Mar 8am-noon, FOG @ Lawson Markets.

The first Lawson Markets, hosted by Say Hello Lawson, a community group, will be held in Nevertire St, Lawson, on Saturday 27 March.  A number of groups including Ginninderra Catchment Group, the Conservation Council and FOG will be present - so come and join us. The people of Lawson are very familiar with DHA’s plan to build on the grasslands on part of the former Naval Transmission Station and so the event will be an opportunity to focus on Lawson grasslands and to gather signatures for the petition to save Lawson North grassland (also see notices). Inquiries:

Sun 11 Apr, from 9am, Lawson north guided walk.

Bring your thermos and join ecologist Rainer Rehwinkel for a guided tour at the Lawson north site, where Defence Housing Australia proposes to build 570 houses over critically endangered grasslands. Rainer Rehwinkel is a local grassy ecosystem ecologist, a member of Friends of Grasslands, Acting Chair of Kosciuszko to Coast and member of the Wandiyali Restoration Trust. Rainer has worked on grassy ecosystem conservation since the early 1990s. Meeting place is the woodland adjacent to Jumbuck Crescent. For more information and to register:

Sun 11 Apr, 2pm Flea Bog Flat. Register :

How could you not want to come along and explore a place with a name like this?

It is an unusual diverse and fascinating pocket of remnant landscape and vegetation in Bruce. There is Yellow Box Red Gum Grassy Woodland (YBRGGW) on the site, along with other native overstorey, and a bonus wetland. Orchids still survive in the understorey, having been sighted over this recent la Niña period It is great habitat for small birds, and there is a portion of the Old Weetangera Road and other colonial history on the site. A newly-established community group is seeking to understand the indigenous values of the land.  The community group is working with TCCS, with woody weeds already being tackled. We shall also focus on adding to the existing species list for the site, so it would be great to have lots of eyes on the ground. Register :

Thurs 15 April, 6.30-8pm, Online forum - Biodiversity Conservation Trust - Conserving our grassy ecosystems with Donna Hazell. 

Donna Hazell, senior ecologist, Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT), is well known to many FOG members and friends for her passion for conservations of grassy and related wetland ecosystems. She will talk on the work of BCT of managing and recovering our grassy ecosystems, insights gained, and more generally role of BCT: its conservation, strategies, programs and methods of evaluation and monitoring. To attend register with

Sat 15 May 9.30-11.45m Visit to Yass Gorge

It has been some time since FOG visited Yass Gorge. It is a mix of fascinating landscapes, riverine vegetation and extensive grasslands with a diverse range of grasses, forbs and wildlife.  This is an opportunity to link up with folk around the Yass area. For more information on the Gorge, you may download Welcome to our Yass Gorge. After the visit we propose to visit a local cafe (Trader & Co) for lunch. . Register with Kath McGuirk

Early warning of FOG future events

Events and dates are indicative and maybe subject to change. Details will be advised as more information is available.

FOG general forums & outreach events activities

Sat 5th June, 6-11pm, FOG table at World Environment Day Dinner.  Inquiries:

This year FOG will again organise a table at the Conservation Council’s World Environment Day Dinner, titled Reconnect, come together to celebrate World Environment Dinner, to be held in the Gandel Atrium at the National Museum of Australia, Saturday 5th June.

The celebrated guest speaker is author and social researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley. Dr Huntley is a witty and engaging speaker whose recent book focussed on how to have those difficult conversations with people around us who are resistant to the message on climate action.

You will enjoy a three-course meal, live music, an opportunity to bid on the (ConCouncil) fundraising auction, and lots of time to reconnect with fellow environmentalists, industry leaders and local politicians. So gather up your friends, your group, your workplace, and book your tickets now! This is the Council’s major fundraising activity - early bird cost is $115 .  (Early bird closes 2 May).  To book a place buy tickets here: purchase ticket, and let Margaret ( know you wish to be on the Friends of Grasslands/FOG table.

Sat 12 June, all day, or join for individual sites, Visits to FOG’s Canberra’s grassy on-ground projects. Inquiries:

Sat 14 Aug, 10-11.30am & 1.15-4pm, Reading a grassland landscape and Learning Aboriginal Lore with Geoffrey Simpson. Inquiries:

Sun 17 Oct: 10am-noon, Bioblitz with young rangers, with EPSDD. Inquiries:

Tues 14 Dec, 5-7pm, FOG Xmas celebration. Inquiries:

FOG grassy ecosystem forums

We wish to hold these online forums monthly. For suggestions and inquiries:

FOG Field trips & visits to properties

Suggestions and inquiries:

Details of FOG work parties


Participants need to register for these events at least two days before the event, to confirm details of the starting locations or any last-minute changes. Note: work includes weeding, planting and rubbish removal. Herbicides are often used so these events are not suitable for young children. Tools are provided stop you need to wear gardening clothes bracket including hat) and solid footwear appropriate for the work and the weather, and bring your own drinking water. The work party convener may provide morning tea making these pleasant social occasions. Events will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable: a) the forecast is 35 deg C+, b) it is a total fire ban day, c) there is lightning, d) air quality is hazardous, or e) there is heavy rain. Tools are provided for work parties.

Franklin Grasslands Reserve - Inquiries and registration:

The Franklin Grasslands Parkcare Group is organised by FOG and ACT Parkcare. Work parties have largely focused on plant identification and removing weeds, and some planting of grasses and forbs is planned. We are working closely Ranger Martin Bajt. This is a great opportunity for participants in the group to learn about grassland plants and weeds and their management, and more generally on how to restore our precious grasslands, including selecting, growing and reintroducing plants.

Work parties are planned for 9-11am for the first and fourth Wednesday of the month. This may change through the course of the year. Upcoming work parties are:

Wed 7 Apr, 9-11am, Franklin Grassland Reserve, Franklin ACT.

Wed 28 Apr, 9-11am, Franklin Grassland Reserve, Franklin ACT.

Hall Cemetery - Inquiries and registration:

FOG has held regular work parties at Hall Cemetery since 2009, aiming to remove weeds and restore the native grasses and wild flowers that were once present. Work parties are held from 9-11am. You need to bring your own working tool, and, of course, dress sensibly.

Sat 3 Apr, 9-noon, Hall Cemetery - general weeding

Sat 2 Oct, 9-noon, Hall Cemetery - general weeding

Sat 6 Nov, 9-noon, Hall Cemetery - general weeding

Scottsdale, near Bredbo, monitoring - Inquiries:

Thurs 4 Nov, 9am-3.30pm, Scottsdale monitoring.

National Lands Group - Inquiries and registration : 

FOG’s National Lands Group is responsible for work on National Lands (Gurubang Dhaura /Stirling Park, Scrivener’s Hut, State Circle, Blue Gum Point & Yarramundi Grassland) managed by the National Capital Authority and Blue Gum Point managed by ACT Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS). Work parties planned in 2021 are:

SAT 27 Mar, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park – tree planting

Sun 28 Mar, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park - Blue Gum Point, Yarralumla - planting and woody weed control

Sun 11 Apr, 9am-noon, Yarramundi Reach – grassland gap planting

Sun 16 May, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park – planting at NCA Blue Gum Point

Sun 20 Jun, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

Sun 19 Sept, 9am-noon, (split work party with Yarramundi Reach)

Sun 17 Oct, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

Sun 21 Nov, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

Sun 19 Dec, 9am-noon, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

Top Hut, near Cooma, NSW.  For inquiries or to register contact:

Sat 10 Apr, 9:30am start, Top Hut, near Cooma, NSW.

Details of Notices

Volunteers wanted for tree planting: 9-12:30, Saturday 27th March, Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park

Friends of Grasslands, Greening Australia and the National Capital Authority are looking for volunteers to help replant an important part of Yarralumla. In 2020 a dangerous old pine plantation was removed and some replanting began. Now we will be undertaking the second of three work parties to re-establish indigenous flora at Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling) Park. We will mainly be planting 350 small trees and shrubs amidst the trees planted last year, which will extend habitat for bush birds.

We will meet on site at the western side of Gurubang Dhaura (Stirling Park) near the intersection of Hopetoun Circuit and Fitzgerald Street, Yarralumla. Please wear enclosed shoes and bring your own sun and eye protection and drinking water. Register  See also FOG Work Parties – Registration

WANTED FOG 2021 Grassy Ecosystem Grants Applications

FOG is again offering a small number of grants of up to $1500 each. Any individual or organisation may apply for a grant for a small project or as part of a bigger project that supports FOG Objectives and priorities related to the understanding, conservation and management of native grassy ecosystems. This may be in the form of publications, research, education, on-ground work, advocacy, publicity and/or training.

FOG will publicise those projects funded and provide what in-kind support it can offer if required. Successful recipients will typically be asked to keep FOG informed of progress, to write up their projects for our newsletter, and, if applicable, to nominate and provide other relevant outputs.

Information for applicants and the 2021 application form are available from the Grants information on FOG’s website at The closing date for applications is Friday 30 April. Applicants will be notified of the outcomes of their applications by early June. For enquiries contact Andrew Zelnik and his FOG Supported Projects team colleagues at

ACT Environment and Nature in the City Grants

The 2021-22 ACT Environment and Nature in the City Grants worth $300,000 were announced on 12 March 2021 by Minster for the Environment and Heritage, Minister Vassarotti.  These grants are for community projects : $200,000 from ACT Environment Grants stream funding and $100,000 from Nature in the City Grants stream funding.

The maximum limits apply per grant application : $35,000 for ACT Environment Grants – and $15,00 for Nature in the City Grants.  The assessment criteria for the Grants are detailed in the application information pack.  To apply, carefully read the 2021-2022 ACT Environment and Nature in the City Application Information Pack (PDF 2.3 MB) and complete the online Application Form.  Applications close AEST at 11:59 pm on Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Weeding opportunity at Scottsdale

The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators is running a post-fire regeneration "week" at Scottsdale from Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 April, 2021. The work will involve knapsack spot-spraying of exotics in high conservation grassland at Bush Heritage Australia's Scottsdale Reserve, Bredbo, NSW, which is south of Canberra on the way to Cooma. This will be the fifth regen "week" since the January 2020 bushfire swept through Scottsdale, and will continue to target 30 weed species and provide more space for the 60 natives recorded since the fires.

For those not familiar with these regen "weeks" volunteers will drive down on Monday 26 April and set-up camp and return home on Friday 30 April.  The week involves self-catering and camping on the property. The property has an old woolshed with basic kitchen, fridges etc. that is available for cooking, washing-up etc. There is a shower with plenty of hot water and a communal BBQ outside. Contact for further information or to reserve your place.

Sign petition to save Lawson North grassland

Defence Housing Australia (DHS) is proposing al to build a major housing development at Lawson North east on large areas of natural temperate grasslands? FOG with the Conservation Council and others arranged a letter to DHS and others signed by 28 organisations and 81 individuals, including numerous grassland experts. In February, the Conservation Council, hosted its first Environment Exchange of 2021 on the ‘Lawson north Grasslands’, with speakers Geoff Robertson, Rainer Rehwinkel and Helen Oakey, and launched a petition. More information, to sign the petition. Please circulate this message to your contacts and networks.

Julia Rayment “Invasion of exotic perennial grasses into threatened ecological communities”, a survey on managing exotic perennial grasses in grassy remnants.  Please take 15-30 minutes to share your experience.

As part her research, Julia is conducting a survey to investigate the impact of exotic perennial grasses, and to investigate management techniques. To understand exotic perennial grass impacts and management, the project seeks to survey people who have experience with these grasses and the communities they invade. This is an invitation for you to participate in this online survey, likely to last 15-30 minutes.  Your involvement in the study is voluntary.

If you are interested in participating please email Julia at, once in touch she will provide you with a full information sheet on your participation and a link to complete the survey.

Please advertise these events among your friends and networks. Non FoG members are welcome to FoG events. For inquiries or if you have an item to include, please Contact Us