Grassland Beyond Reserves

Grassland Beyond Reserves - A workshop on 'off-reserve' conservation of native grassy ecosystems, proceedings from the Grassland Beyond the Reserve workshop, a Friends of Grasslands workshop held on 1-2 December 2000 in Cooma, are still available.

The proceedings contain a wealth of information and come highly recommended for anyone interested in grassy ecosystem conservation and management outside the traditional systems of national parks and similar reserved lands.

For ACT residents, Sarah Sharp's paper is a must-read for an understanding of the ACT Government's active grassland management program.

Friends of Grasslands' paper provides a good understanding of what is happening in grassland conservation and describes FoG's approaches, experiences and successes.

NSW Government agencies, NPWS and DLWC, are major players in grassy ecosystem conservation and their papers put their work into perspective.

Experiences in Victoria, South Australia, and Western Riverina provide valuable insights into approaches being tried elsewhere.

The three case studies illustrate how farmers, local government, and rural lands protection boards see their role. The presentation by the NSW Farmers Association and the opening address illustrate how farming and conservation values interact.

There is ample information on what financial and other assistance was available.

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