Friends of Grasslands' primary publication is the newsletter, News of Friends of Grasslands.  It is produced five or six times a year and provides a wealth of information on what we are up to, plus educational articles including reports and summaries of workshops, visits and submissions.  The newsletter is posted free to members and is also available by email.  You can help by preparing articles, and by joining the select group of people who prepare the printed copies for posting - see activities for time and place of the next 'stuffing night'. Archived copies can be downloaded from the website.

In addition to the printed newsletter, an electronic bulletin, the E-bulletin, is emailed to members , usually bi-monthly.  If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the E-bulletin, Contact Us.

Grassland Flora, a highly recommended field guide for grassy ecosystems, is available for $20 per copy, plus postage. Order form (.doc) Order form (.pdf)

Woodland Flora by Sarah Sharp, Dave Mallinson, David Eddy and Rainer Rehwinkel is available for $20 per copy plus postage for current FoG members and $25 plus postage for non-members. Order form (.doc) Order form (.pdf)

For bulk or commercial orders of either Grassland Flora or Woodland Flora, please email

Proceedings of the FoG 2014 Forum, Grass half full or grass half empty? Valuing native grassy landscapes, are now published and available on the website.

Proceedings from a Grassland Beyond the Reserve workshop (December 2000) are still available for purchase. Please email if you want a copy.

The final report on Community Monitoring of Golden Sun Moths in the Australian Capital Territory Region, 2008-2009 is available for download only (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

In 1998 FoG conducted a workshop Development and native grasslands: resolving conflicts (6MB pdf file, 99 pages, download only).  About the workshop (160kB pdf file).

On 9 - 10 November 1996 FoG conducted a conference Living Grasslands of Canberra and the southeast region.

FoG occasionally prepares plant lists for properties we have visited.

FoG submissions and correspondence are on the Advocacy page.