FoG is a member of the Conservation Council ACT Region (particularly the Conservation Council Biodiversity Working Group) and the Environmental Defender's Office.

Fog participates in a number of Bush on the Boundary groups. The BoBs operate primarily as information-sharing forums with minimal formality but with respect to strict confidentiality where requested by members. They are ‘enabling’ groups that allow member organisations and/or individuals to draw on a range of perspectives and pursue their projects and interests in a more collaborative and integrated way. Individual members take issues raised, subject to confidentiality, back to their groups for consideration.

FoG is a partner in Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park (STEP), a regional botanic garden, education and conservation centre demonstrating southern tablelands species within the National Arboretum Canberra.

In 2013 FOG expanded its work to conserve grassy ecosystems on national lands managed by the National Capital Authority (NCA) in central Canberra. A 2009 partnership agreement with the NCA was renewed, reiterating our organisations’ commitments to conserving the Scrivener’s Hut, Stirling Park and Yarramundi Reach grasslands. FOG’s work for these sites has involved both on-ground work and advocacy.

FoG is a partner in Kosciuszko2Coast, a partnership of thirteen organisations and numerous associate members working with landholders between Kosciuszko and Namadgi National Parks and the NSW south coast to conserve and recover grasslands, woodlands, riparian and wetland areas, small bush birds, arboreal mammals, and forest communities and species.

FOG has been actively pursuing the implementation of best practice ecological management across the urban landscape, through liaison with team members of Connecting Nature Connecting People program.

FoG is a member of the ACT Government's Biodiversity Conservation Forum.

FoG is actively pursuing better protection and management for grassy ecosystem areas within the ACT through joint development of The Biodiversity Network for all areas of conservation value regardless of tenure (leased and unleased land).